Our products

The competitiveness of Tácfol Ltd. is increased not only by the adequate knowledge and high-quality raw materials, but also by the high-performing production equipments. Our extruders and plastic bag manufacturing plants are representing world class in their brands (Tecom, Cincinnati, Bandera so as Lemo, Arvor). Currently we have 6 monofilm extruders and 1 co-extruder which is suitable for the film production up to 3 layers.

Production parameters of our machineries: 



Width (with side gussets

Width (as flatfilms)

Confectionery machines

Max. production width

Max. length

20 μ – 400 μ

200 mm – 8500 mm

200 mm – 2600 mm


1700 mm

For buyers’ request

 On customer’s demand we can print our products with inline printing application. Henceforth we have a 6 colours, 1400 mm width printing machine, which we will operate later.



At the moment our company focuses its’ production capacity on 4 main branches:

  • Construction industry
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial packaging materials
  • Bags, shrinking hoods and other products