About us


Tácfol Ltd. – established by Remat cPlc. and Manitox Ltd. – started its’ operations in august of 2011. As it is commonly known, Remat cPlc. deals with the collection and recycling of film plastic waste, meanwhile Manitox Ltd’s main field of activity has been plastic film production and sales since the middle of 90’s.

Our company bought up the plant and machines of Midász1 Ltd., which used to be one of main film production companies of Hungary, and started operating in Tác – in a small village next to Székesfehérvár – with a goal to exceed the production and sales level of the former company.

The stable background is granted by the co-owner firms – Remat cPlc. and Manitox Ltd. – with capital, high-quality granules and outstanding know-how, however our company managed to be profitable already in the first total business year. Our business policies are based on long-lasting cooperation, respectively mutual growing opportunities with our current and futures’ customers.

Based on the results of the past one and half years we are proud of becoming Hungary’s most dynamically developing plastic film production company. We are dedicated to producing high quality foil for not just according to the domestic, but according to the European standards as well. As one of Hungary’s main plastic processing companies our goal is to become well-known in the European marketplace.

Our mission

Supplying high quality film to European markets belongs one of Tácfol Ltd’s main targets. We make our company more and more attractive for our clients by providing long-lasting reliable high-quality products and by expanding our product scale. In correspondence with our environment-friendly business policies in about 80 % of our production we use LDPE polyethylene re-granule.

We also possess such quality management certificates like ISO 9001:2009 and 14001:2004, with what we can support our environment aware mentality.